Saturday, 18 October 2014

Narrow Seas [30]

Another pre-occupied day spent painting the local scout hut but it's all in a good cause, so I don't mind. Here's the result of today's limited time on the coastal forces project, in the shape of two de-militarised F-Lighters from the ex-Skytrex now Heroics and Ros range, all tastefully undercoated in the dodgy primer from Poundland.

They're actually MAL's which were mainly used in the Baltic and Black Sea, so pretty useless in their intended role as far as I'm concerned. As a result, I've turned them into generic coastal lighters or barges, which can happily chug around the Channel Islands delivering ersatz wurst to the local garrisons, with the addition of some 15mm stowage loaded onto the decks.

I've also saved all the gun mountings for use on a couple of PT Dockyard AFP - C Flaklighters that I have in the box, so it's a winner all round as far as kitting out the opposition is concerned. I'm sure the purists will be up in arms but I've made good use of some spare models that would otherwise be gathering dust.

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