Saturday, 1 August 2015

Achtung Commando [6]

The weather has been really good and the kids more annoying than usual, so I haven't made much progress with the commandos, spending a lot of the time keeping the sprogs occupied. I have based up the first sub-section of ten men including a Bren team, the command unit of an officer, NCO, 2" mortar team and Bren team, and a two man sniper team which I can attach as required. I particularly like the sniper figure with his camouflage netting, which should be fun to paint up.
I've based everything on smaller round bases than I normally use, as the figures have quite small footprints and it looks better. I also ran out of the 25mm bases that I usually use, so the smaller 20mm bases are an ideal alternative. I'm hoping to get the second sub-section, a forward observer team and a three man demolition team based up today. Next week we have some relatives to stay so I don't expect to get much done but I am going to start painting the Japanese units for Chain of Command.

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