Saturday, 8 August 2015

Chain of Command Japanese Platoon [19]

This is crawling along slowly but surely although I'd like to get more done each day. I've done the dry brushing over the basecoat and wash using Foundry Base Sand today. I've also painted the helmets in a basecoat of 50:50 Vallejo 921 English Uniform and 887 Brown Violet, as this looked closer to the actual colour than just the latter, which I thought looked too green.
The camouflage netting will get a dry brush with something lighter later on and the whole lot will then be re-washed in Army Painter Soft Tone. The parents in law are visiting for lunch tomorrow so I doubt I'll get anything done but, if I do, I'll focus on blocking in the rifles and water bottles in Vallejo 983 Flat Earth followed by the bread bags and water bottle straps in Vallejo 880 Khaki Grey.


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