Monday, 10 August 2015

Laserburn Special Offer

I used to play a lot of Laserburn and Imperial Commander back in the early-80's with my mates at school, so I was really pleased to see the 35th anniversary of its publication being marked by a neat special offer from If you like the idea of some retro sci-fi gaming without all the gothic gloom, endless rules revisions and for a reasonable cost, read on.

The deal is that for a minimum £10 order from the Laserburn 15mm range you get a free Glaive APC worth £5, which covers the cost of postage straight away. If you order more stuff there are further free models included in the offer, which makes it a good deal if you wanted to assemble an army for Imperial Commander from scratch.

The old Laserburn figures are very much of their time but aren't bad, having mostly been sculpted by Brian Ansell. I really like the Red Redemptionist trikes and the Imperial Dreadnoughts, which are great fun to paint up. The Imperial Commander rules are also showing their age but are perfectly good, although any suitable set could be used instead, especially if they are adaptable to a 'space opera' setting.

I may order some more vehicles and extras for my Laserburn leadpile but I've already spent my pocket money for the holidays, so it'll have to be a small one. It's great to see this vintage range being promoted, even if it doesn't stand up to the latest 15mm sci-fi figures, or have all the whistles and bells associated with newer or more sophisticated rules.

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