Thursday, 6 August 2015

Chain of Command Japanese Platoon [17]

I was going to start painting the Japanese today but having sorted out the platoon HQ, three rifle sections and the grenade launcher section, it was clear that my quality control had been sadly lacking. A number of the figures had nasty joints and flash lines that I had missed before and several had patchy areas where the basecoat spray hadn't reached. I put it down to the stygian gloom of my garage workbench compared to the full-on summer light from a floor to ceiling picture window overlooking a beach in Brittany. Either that or I'm just getting sloppy?
Anyway, the evening has been spent trimming, sanding and filling followed by a wet brush basecoat 'top up' with Army Painter Desert Yellow. I've also experimented on one figure with an all over wash of Army Painter soft tone, followed by a dry brush with Foundry Base Sand in an attempt to define the details and soften the shiny monotone yellow of the uniforms. I think this looks promising, so will wash and dry brush the rest of the figures tomorrow, leaving them to dry thoroughly before I start on the helmets, webbing, rifles, boots and so on.


  1. Dry brush looks very good over the top of the figure... are you going to use strong tone varnish over the lot at the end? In which case, I'd suggest the wash at this stage will be lost underneath that and will achieve the same effect in the end...?

  2. No I don't think I'll do that, as it will do exactly that. Instead, I'll do just do a wash over the webbing, boots, rifles etc as required, leaving the uniforms as they are (hopefully!)