Sunday, 16 August 2015

Fishing Tackle

We went to the local Decathlon sports store yesterday to get some bits and bobs for our camping trip next week. We're off to the other side of Brittany for a few days tomorrow as the weather looks pretty good. While wandering about I found a really neat little bag in the fishing tackle section, which includes four plastic storage boxes for bait, hooks and the like. 

Each box has removable dividers to create up to 18 individual 30mm x 40mm slots which are perfect for a 28mm figure or a 15mm Peter Pig size base. You can also create longer slots for vehicles or guns, assuming they are on 30mm wide bases, although you couldn't fit mounted 28mm figures as the boxes are too shallow. You could find some deeper boxes to fit them in I suppose.

The bag also has a front slot for dice, tape measures, counters and so on, making it possible to cart around everything you'd need for a skirmish game like Dead Man's Hand or Ronin, for example. It only cost 13.95€ as well, which at the current exchange rate works out at a piffling £9.91. I'll probably get another one before I go home as it's a great way to store and transport stuff for games at the club.


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