Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Chain of Command Japanese Platoon [22]


I started on some of the pirate ships for Galleys and Galleons over the weekend only to realise that I hadn't packed the requisite paints to finish them properly, so have re-boxed them to ship back home where they can be finished with the right colours. In the interim I've done the boots, belts and cartridge boxes for the 28mm Japanese platoon, although this was complicated by only having an 0 sized brush, the 00 having been binned after it lost its ability to paint in only one direction at a time. The forty odd figures with their inaccessible leather equipment took a couple of days to do and will need some serious tidying up, but they are now ready for the faces and arms to be blocked in tomorrow. Please remind me not to try painting more than a half a dozen 28mm figures at a go next time I decide to take on a big project like this one...well, big for me at any rate!


  1. Nice looking units, well done!

  2. Very nice looking platoon. Am I correct in saying that you have two 12 man squads each with a LMG and a grenadier squad of ten men with three knee mortars. There also seems to be a sniper team. The figures capture the esthetic of what a mid-war unit must have resembled. Nicely done.

  3. Thanks chaps. They're far from finished yet but I'm getting there slowly. I've gone for three understrength rifle sections of ten plus a grenade launcher section of ten men and three 'knee mortars'. There are also some command figures including a senior officer and NCO. The sniper teams are in the support unit stuff that I still have to paint, along with engineers, MMG teams, a mountain gun and an field gun, so plenty left to do in the next few months up to Xmas!