Friday, 14 August 2015

Beyond the reach of Empire

I'm thinking of a colonial something or other in the latter half of the year, although Lion Rampant and Frostgrave also high on the list of things to do, assuming the Chain of Command Japanese continue to creep their way forward to completion by Xmas! With this in mind, I'll be doing some reading around the subject, starting with Beyond the reach of Empire which I'll be packing for my camping trip next week. This might mean skirmishes in the Sudan could be on the cards, but they could also pop up in Darkest Africa, Zululand or the North West Frontier?


  1. I think that needs to go on my reading list too.

  2. The Lion Rampant "engine" is being turned into a Colonial set due for release next year "The Men Who Would be Kings". So I think I'll be picking up some NWF models toward Christmas time...

  3. If you're read any of Mike's books before Jim you'll really enjoy this one!

    A brilliant dissection of Wolseley's Circle.