Thursday, 13 October 2016

Bolshevik Battlewagon

The laser cut mdf kit of a Mark I tank arrived from Warbases yesterday and I've been busy working out where all the bits go, ready to glue it together at the weekend. I've had to do this without the downloaded instructions, as my laptop hard drive has blown up and I can't print them out. I now have a print off so it all makes a lot more sense than earlier on.

The Bolsheviks had some captured Mark V tanks which look vaguely similar to the Warbases Mark I, so I'm going to paint it up in this rather fetching two tone contemporary camouflage scheme. I'll also replace the gun barrels and possibly add some machine gun mountings to the sponsons. The tail steering rig will also be left off and I'll add some  extra details with thin card.


  1. Now that certainly is striking!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes it is pretty funky!

      I'm not sure if the Warbases kit will work, however, as it is obviously not a Mark V.

      I'm now thinking of alternative options..but not too expensive!