Monday, 24 October 2016

Brick and Mortar Model Shops

Not many of these around any more but I found an absolute cracker today in Porthmadog of all places. It has an extensive range of model kits, loads of toy soldiers and even a decent selection of wargame figures. I replenished my dwindling supply of Evergreen half round styrene strip and topped up my 1mm sheet plastic card stockpile. Not the most exciting of purchases but very useful nonetheless and I will be popping in again before the end of the week for something more inspirational!


  1. A nice find. I haven't been to Porthmadog for decades.

  2. Someone told me about this shop earlier in the year, just after I got back from staying near there! I've been to the Llyn Peninsula for the last 3 years on holiday and never visited the shop although I've been in Porthmadog several times :(

    Next year.......

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