Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Campaign Briefing Number One

The Chinese Warlord

Your force is the army of His Excellency Wei Phat Mac You were until recently the Tuchan or governor of Suchow province but have been deposed by a rival and forced to flee into the desert. You have a poorly equipped but loyal force of warriors including your ferocious bodyguard of ‘Dare to Die’ troops.

You are seeking refuge for your force in Urga, where you hope to recruit foreign mercenaries from the large number of White Russian refugees that are available for hire in the city. You will take advantage of any opportunity to obtain equipment and weapons for your badly equipped troops, especially if they can be captured on your way to Urga. So, if you bump into anyone on your march across the Gobi desert, you have decided to shoot first and ask any questions later. You also hope to hire the services of the notorious arms dealer Herbert Maximoff, who is rumoured to be in the area seeking potential customers. He is an unscrupulous and greedy profiteer, so you should get on really well. If you bump into him he’ll be sure to provide you with some much needed firepower, for the right price.


  1. This sounds like jolly great fun!!! Will you be using some sort of map to give each player starting points, etc? And - most importantly - is everything painted and ready to go?

  2. No, there's no map but 'steps' to advance along instead. All the armies are ready for action too, give or take a few extra bits!