Sunday, 16 October 2016

Red Armoured Train Troop Wagon

Here's the end result of a few hours fiddling about with plastic bases, plastic card, laser cut mdf shapes, staples and drawing pins, on top of the Lego substructure that I built yesterday. It's not quite what I had in mind and I'm really not sure about the large side door, but it's not far off. As a result, I will follow a similar approach with the next wagon in the armoured train, the heavy machine gun equipped carriage, which now has two turrets. I'm hoping to get this done over the next few days before I tackle the engine, tender and artillery wagon.


  1. Thanks Michael,

    I've since added some additional armour plating skirts around the bottom edge of the wagon..looks a bit better I think.

  2. Great idea. I like the big door. It makes it easier to get troops and equipment in and out.

  3. Looks good Jim! ... but it's green, not red! ;)