Friday, 28 October 2016

Something for the Road

Before we set off back home from North Wales, I was allowed to have a shopping spree in the Porthmadog Models shop. There was load of stuff to choose from but I settled on three boxes of the Wargames Factory War of Spanish Succession figures which are now hard to come by and so often quite expensive. I now have an extra box of artillery, infantry and cavalry to add to the bargain bucket boxed sets that I originally picked up for peanuts in a North Star sale ages ago. They're not bad sculpts and very good value for what you get in each of the boxes.The long term plan is to use them for a Maurice imaginations project, although I've also thought about using them as the basis of a Bavarian army for the WSS using the same rules. Very happy with that!


  1. Nice pick up! Look forward to seeing how you paint hem up.

  2. 18th century Iskanderan perhaps? I've already started a 19th century version ...