Wednesday, 19 October 2016

FFOL Horse and Musket

I really like Fistful of Lead: Reloaded so I was very pleased to see that Jaye Wiley has published a Horse and Musket version, with rules adjustments, add-ons and scenarios for the French Indian Wars, Napoleonic Wars, American Civil War and the Maximillian Adventure. I have a plan to dig out my old 28mm pirate figures and use them for some Treasure Island style games, although with only a handful of figures required I could well branch out into other black powder periods. The core rules are very similar to the Old West version, so it should be easy to pick them up too. Very good value for six quid and available now as a handy pdf download from Wargame Vault.


  1. Thanks Jim,
    I'm working on "Buccaneers & Cavaliers" which will be a supplement to Horse and Musket. A bit deeper Close Combat mechanic and more skills to make your crew of pirates or squad of Musketeers feel more swashbuckling. The Wiley Games webstore will go live and minute.

  2. Excellent! Looking forward to it already...the FFOL rules would be perfect for this sort of swashbuckling thing.

  3. Jim, It sounds like they'd be good for the Indian Mutiny? do you agree?

  4. ...steps up on soapbox...One of the things that motivated me to write the rules is purely "Gamer Butterfly Syndrome". We all like to try different periods, but rarely have the budget time-wise or monetarily to pull it off. Because FfoL requires only about 5-6 miniatures a player, you can try out all sorts of periods, and feel like you gave that period a spin.
    Most people forget that the period we're covering had very few large battles per conflict, but tons on small actions involving raiding, scouting and just skirmishes on the edge of larger battles. That's exactly the size for Fistful of Lead: Horse and Musket. I've had lots of people contact me saying they were using my rules until that had enough painted up to play games like Sharpe Parctice which, to me, almost needs as many minis as a larger scale game like Black Powder.
    steps off soapbox.....

    1. I'm going to get a copy I think. I can do small Indian Mutiny skirmishes while building up a SP force ... well that's the plan!

  5. Oh great, I was looking for a nice ruleset for small napoleonic skirmishes... I'll have to grab a copy of that