Monday, 1 February 2010

Axles and Alloys Accelerated

Looks like Jon has been pretty busy this weekend with some excellent diecast conversions:

I'll have to get cracking with my selection of Hotwheels if I'm going to stand a chance against that lot!

I had a go at the engine-less Pontiac GTO that I found in the kids toy box but ran into a problem with the Dark Future guns, which were far too small to fit in the engine recess. I did find an old plastic gun arm from an EM4 robot that fitted OK, so I cut it down and glued it in. I'll have to add some more bits and bobs to finish it off though, as it looks a little basic. I quite like the idea of some applique armour plates glued on the sides and roof?

I better have a rummage for some more vehicles and components when I get home this evening, so that I can knock some together ready for painting tomorrow. I might also dig out my old copy of Battlecars if I can find it in the loft.

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