Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Saurian Safari and Other Stuff

I finished off the scenario and rules additions for the Saurian Safari game this evening. I think I've covered all the things I need to include in order to use steam vehicles and have added a few unpleasant surprises for the players as well. I'll crack on with the Ironclad Miniatures steam tank soon and may add a couple of extra figures that I've got ready to paint as well.

I also managed to get all the tracks done on the ARVN APC's and tanks as well as the mantlets for the M42's the other day but forgot to log my limited but definite progress at the time. I'm hoping to paint up the APC stowage and perhaps start on the crew figures this evening.

However, I'm out of action for Thursday evening as I'm at work and on Friday due to a party my wife has organised for her friends, which means I'll be babysitting.


Oh well, I may be able to squeeze in some painting in between ?

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