Monday, 1 February 2010

Axles and Alloys Sprayshop

Hotwheels Shelby Cobra Daytona with machine guns.
(not sure about this one...looks a bit like a snail?)

Maisto Lamborghini Murcialago with autocannon roof turret.
(simple...but does the business)

Hotwheels CCM Country Club Muscle with cannon and machine gun.
(bonkers...who makes up these names?)

Three new additions to the Axles and Alloys production line, all of which I rather quickly bashed together this evening, hence the minimum level of extra bits. The guns are all Dark Future ones which means I have only a few left for further conversions so may have to do some scratchbuilt weapon mounts for the next batch of cars. I've kept the post-apocalyptic thing to a minimum with this lot but will go overboard with the spikes, armour plate and baggage on the next installment.


  1. Jim,
    good stuff. Its a bit addictive this hotwheels conversion thing isn't it?

  2. The Cobra Daytona hasn't been modelled well by Hot Wheels, they've put stupidly large "bling" wheels on it which spoils what was a nice looking car in 1:1. I was thinking of a wheel swop on mine but the arches are just far too big.

    As regards Dark Future weapons, have a look at the Stan Johansen Miniatures site, he does white metal packs of guns, armour and gunners for these cars. I've ordered both his sets which are waiting at my parents house for me to collect - when I have them I'll be photographing the bare metal and posting them to the blog.

  3. Coopdevil

    I looked at Stan's stuff it is really nice but I have a major aversion to ordering from abroad. Did you have any problems with customs and stuff?

  4. No problems. $16 for the two packs and $8 postage, marked up as $16 on the package so no grief from customs. Probably heading for a fall here, but never had to pay import duty in 12+ years of mail ordering from the US and Oz. (That's torn it!)