Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Klear Wash

I mixed up a batch of wash for the ARVN this evening as the sample stuff I prepared before has been pretty much used up on the CO stands. It's a mix of Johnson's Klear as a base plus random quantities of various brown and black acrylic paints that I had to spare.

I'm not sure if it'll match the previous batch of wash I made, although it looks the right sort of grungy shade, so I'll give it a test shot on a single model before I slap it all over my ARVN APC's. I'm not very confident when it comes to mixing washes, so I may have to chuck the whole lot and start again if it goes pear shaped.

I've also added another drybrush coat to the ARVN vehicles, a 50:50 mix of GW Knarloc Green and GW Camo Green, so the next step is the wash before I add a highlight drybrush to pick out the detail. I'm hoping the wash will work as well as the last lot, but I have my fingers firmly crossed just in case.


  1. Jim,
    snap I use the same method, I get really good results mixing my Klear with Windsor and Newton peat brown ink in 2 parts Klear to 1 part ink. You can get the ink from the craft shop (forgot the name) opposite the museum by the cathedral (under the arch by the butter cross). Gives a really good brown/black wash.


  2. Thanks Jon,

    I'll definately try your recipe, as it seems to work really well on your figures.