Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Rate of Fire

These look like an interesting set of skirmish level rules for WW2, perhaps as a potential alternative to Disposable Heroes, which is the other commercial ruleset I've considered for this level of gaming.

Although they don't seem to include rules for tanks, from the blurb on the webpage at least, they do cover most of the things I'd expect to see in a WW2 tactical squad level set and some extra bits that sometimes get left out.

The sample pages look good too, with clearly laid out content and some high quality graphics which, while not affecting the gameplay at all, certainly go some way to justify the price tag...why have rules all become so bloody expensive?. At £18 plus postage they don't represent fantastic value for money but I may well get a copy for 'research purposes' anyway, possibly the download version which is only £6 (bargain!).

I've already got some Artizan late war US troops in greatcoats that I could paint up for WW2 skirmish level games, so the N.Y.R. rule won't be infringed by a 'new' project.

On the other hand, I might be able to justify one of the Crusader box sets of British late war infantry, especially if they do some sort of deal over at North Star. They seem like good value for money and I really like the Crusader style of sculpting, having already got some of their Normans for WAB Shieldwall.


  1. Jim,
    mine arrived in the post on tuesday, I got them for £13 on a one day sale. They don't look bad at all no rules for tanks but as this is a platoon level set that's no bad thing. you only need 20-30 figures (which is a bonus). I sold all my 28mm ww2 but I'm very tempted to get some more Crusader miniatures are actually doing Rate of fire box sets for around £20 with everything you need for a platoon. Happy to give them a go if you want to try before you buy.


  2. i can also recommend 'flying lead' due out soon from Ganesha games, its squad plus action and plays to complete inside and hour per squad on the table.... i have playtested the rules extensivley but have no commercial interest in them...

    hope you enjoy the Crusader rules tho.. but as always the search goes on for that elusive catch all set

  3. Jon,

    I was thinking if a couple of box sets of late war British, to paint up as a platoon of the 5th Battalion of the DCLI, instead of doing the whole battalion in 10mm?

    Of course, that would depend on what you've got or plan to get in 28mm?

    I'll get the rules either way, to add to the pile of rule books that I've accumulated to insulate the loft.

  4. Jim,
    I have no qualms about using the Germans. 12th SS Hitlerjund would be natural opponents for Normandy I think or panzer Lehr which Artizan do figures for. DCLI ended up in Holland right? so I could go for German paras.

    If you really want to keep the costs down we could do it in 1/72(20mm)one box of valiant miniatures for a tenner will give you all the figures you need plus spares.

  5. Jon,

    I don't mind either way as I've already got a couple of boxes of Valiant Brits set aside for Rapid Fire, if that ever gets off the ground.

    If you'd prefer 28mm that would also be fine, as I like the Crusdaer British figures too and have the aforementioned Artizan Yanks already.

    Decisions, Decisions...

    Your call.