Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Dropped Weapon Markers

Here are some dropped weapon markers I've very quickly scratchbuilt for Axles and Alloys 2 on 2mm mdf 30mm x 80mm bases.

The spikes are made from mapping pins with the pin tip cut off using DIY pliers. I drilled some random holes in the mdf bases then pushed the pins through from underneath before supergluing them in place. I then textured the base, undercoated with Humbrol spray Matt Earth then painted it in three tone Foundry base sand. The spikes were then picked out and highlighted in grey. A bit of flock then covered up any dodgy bits.

The mines were made by cutting the plastic top off the rest of the mapping pins, the bit you push down with your thumb when pinning things onto a board, then sticking them down onto the mdf bases. I then textured, painted and flocked the bases as before. The mines were painted in three tone Foundry Phlegm Green and a little red dot painted in the centre. They're a bit big and a little crude but at least they look unmistakably like mines, to me at least.

The oil patches were made in exactly the same way but with a puddle shaped area left untextured in the centre of each base. I then textured and painted the bases, before glooping on black paint and finishing off with a thick coating of GW Hardcoat varnish to make it look liquid. They're the ones I'm least happy with but they will do for the moment.

Very cheap and very quick!


  1. Excellent work there! I used to play a lot of Car Wars back in my youth, and never thought I'd re-visit it, but your inspiring work here with A&A has me hankering after giving it a a three dimensional try...... :-)

  2. Jim,
    those look great. I'm looking forward to the game at the end of the month. I've only skimmed the rules I really must give them a more in depth read and find out how these things work.

  3. Thanks.

    I haven't really looked at the rules either but, fingers crossed, they should produce a pretty quick and deadly game.

  4. Superb stuff and embarrasses me into admitting that I still haven't sorted proper templates for our group, still using the oil counters from Car Wars 5th edition and some crude paper cut-outs for everything else. A nice reminder not to forget to get some sorted in time for the WMMS show.

    Back in the days of A&A1 that was the way we did oil slick counters as well. Mines were GW waterslide transfers of skulls on pieces of red card, no effort to look realistic at all. I honestly can't remember what we did for spikes.