Sunday, 28 February 2010

Regia Aeronautica

I thought I'd post up some photos of my Italians which are a mix of Museum Miniatures Leading Edge (Macchi Mc200, Macchi Mc202 and Fiat BR20) and Raiden Minaitures (Fiat G50).

I was a bit disappointed with these after I'd finished them, although you'll notice that I haven't added the fuselage bands, tail crosses or squadron codes yet. I didn't quite crack the camouflage patterns and the canopy glazing is a bit hit and miss too. I guess I tried to do too much in one go.

They didn't do so well in the couple of BTH games I played either, being vastly outgunned by the RAF. Two machine guns don't stand up well against the six 50 cals on a Kittyhawk, however hard you chuck the planes around the sky! That's my excuse anyway.


  1. Quote: "I was a bit disappointed with these..." Hold out your hand so that you may be smacked! These are excellent - and I was going to say that you had made a brilliant job of the camouflage in particular!
    Seriously, though, if these are "hit and miss" you've got nothing to worry about..... :-)
    Hope to see more, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks!

    I'm trying to get the 'airbrush' effect on the camo splodges and it doesn't quite seem to work. I'll have another crack with the SM81 to see if I can get it right this time.