Monday, 8 February 2010

Bag The Hun 2

As Bag the Hun 2 is about to be released at last, I thought I'd get myself re-focussed on aerial warfare in 1:285th scale by posting some pictures of my RAF and Luftwaffe planes, most of which are from the excellent Raiden Miniatures range.

The RAF are grounded as I recently discovered that the squadron codes I used, which are supposed to be for Hurricanes are actually for a squadron equipped with Spitfires. I guess I should have checked but it's the manufacturers mistake and you sort of assume they'd get it right? Oh well, at least the Luftwaffe have generic insignia so I didn't screw that up!

I've got quite a few more planes including a formation of Dornier 17's, some Defiants, Blenheims and Beaufighters, which I'll post here when I get the time. I'll also try to get my Italian stuff for North Africa posted up as well (that reminds me, I should have another game against Andy's Desert Air Force sometime).


  1. Very nice kit :)

    Small but beautifully formed

  2. That all looks rather spiffing. Nice toys indeed. The blue bases seem to work really nicely.