Saturday, 20 February 2010

Back from the Back of Beyond

Got back from the Cotswolds yesterday after a quite successful holiday. Lots of bookshops and one wargame related day trip to Warwick Castle. It's not too bad if you can put up with the 'edutainment' theme park related guff and focus on the architecture. The Kingmaker walk through thing wasn't bad and the trebuchet was quite neat too, if a bit silly given it's slightly pathetic range and almost vertical trajectory.

I've managed to load myself with a nice selection of new and second hand books after trawling the bookshops of Cirencester, Cheltenham and Bath. I'm particularly pleased to have got hold of a copy of the autobiography of the commander of the 5th DCLI in first edition hardback which is a mine of useful information and scenario ideas. I also picked up about half a dozen of the Spearhead uniform reference books at £2.99 each including some for Vietnam and WW2 units, plus two of the Donald Featherstone Victorian Colonial War books, one for India and the other for Africa. To round off I bought a couple of discounted paperbacks on the Italian Campiagn, one on Anzio and the other Monte Cassino, as they were only £3 each.

I found the time to read through the Rate of Fire rules too. I'm not sure if they're what I'm looking for and there are a few wierd bits including, for example, the rules for moving heavy weapons which don't seem to make sense, but I'll give them a go. I've also got Disposable Heroes so I can always revert to them as an alternative, especially as they include rules for armour and vehicles. The Axles and Alloys rules also got a read through and look excellent, so I'm looking forward to the game on Tuesday when I can try them out.

I'm going to try to find the time to do some work on the ARVN today and tomorrow but it looks like I'm not going to meet my deadline of the 22nd so will extend it until the following Monday. It's a bit of mission creep but I'll cut the time from my next project to fit the ARVN in. The 28mm Late War British hven't arrived from North Star yet but they should be here in time for me to get started on at least a squad worth next month.

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  1. Stop by the Crusader Publishing forums and ask about the weirdness of moving the heavy weapons - I wouldn't mind seeing you elaborate on this and then see Mark's answer.