Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bag The Doodlebug [14]

I got onto the decals this evening and managed to finish the Spitfires and the Tempests, although the latter need the first half of their squadron codes to be properly completed. As I don't have the correct letters, they'll have to do as they are I'm afraid. Never mind, they look OK as they are.

The same goes for the Mustangs although I might try to make up the PK codes for 315 Squadron using individual letters. A bigger problem is that I'm running out of C type roundels and have been forced to do some adaptation of B type ones in order to finish off the fighters. I've ordered some more but who knows when they'll arrive given the inclement weather.

I'll see if I can scrape enough roundels together to finish the fighters off tomorrow. I need to spray varnish them afterwards to seal in the transfers but might do a final bit of weathering and lining first. After that I'll just need to paint the bases and it's job done.

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