Sunday, 26 December 2010

Happy Xmas to Me [1]

I have to get my own Christmas presents these days. The kids still believe in Father Xmas, so reckon he'll get something sorted for dad, while the Ministry of the Interior says it's easier and probably less embarrassing if I choose something for myself. The end result is that have the pleasurable, if slightly odd task of choosing my own pressies!

This year I decided to get a Warlord Games Pïke and Shotte Starter Army. I used to have some Redoubt figures for the English Civil Wars many years ago but they ended up on Ebay after I decided that I didn't like the look of the seperate heads, even when they were attached to the bodies. The Warlord plastics are less detailed than the Redoubt metal figures but are much cheaper, so look like a good way to get this old project off the ground.

Anyway, I spotted a good deal on Ebay so I thought 'why not?'. When and if I get round to painting them up, they'll be used for semi-skirmish games using 1644, Warhammer ECW or File Leader, depending on what I can manage to get together. I have all of the aforementioned rules plus a few others that might be worth a try out, so they'll be no problem getting the rules side of things sorted.

I've always wanted to do some scenarios based on the Civil War in Cornwall, as some of the various skirmishes happened quite close to where I grew up, so this will be the focus of any future project. It has the advantage that I could start off with a handful of figures for a bit of skirmishing, then build up to something larger in scope if I get into it.


  1. I am trying to resist the lure of plastic ECW despite a fascination with the Army of the Western Association and the Siege of Bristol.

    So far it's pretty much the only plastics I have resisted! :-)

  2. I've always been taken with the ECW. Like Cornwall Hampshire has it's fair share of ECW sites. I've always fancied re-fighting Alton church after reading about it in one of Don Featherstone's books.