Thursday, 23 December 2010

Xmas Holiday Reading [3]

I picked up a copy of Vae Victis Hors Serie 14 this afternoon to relieve the inevitable tedium of a clothes shopping trip by the other half. I wasn't going to get a copy, as I think it's gone downhill of late but there was an article and scenarios for Indo China using BKC2 and (presumably) CWC, so it was worth the very reasonable 6.50 Euro price tag.

It got me thinking (again) about the 10mm Indo China project that I've stockpiled figures, vehicles, plane kits and scenics for. I really should tackle it sometime, as it would be really cool. I have the ARVN to finish off, however, although they are one of those projects that has run into the buffers due to lack of opposition, unless I build a Vietcong / NVA force as well.

A bit too much SE Asian style mission creep methinks?

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