Saturday, 4 December 2010

Rapid Fire 5th Battalion DCLI [1]

Right, it's about time I started on the Rapid Fire! project so, without further ado, here's the breakdown of what I hope to get painted in the next couple of weeks. I'm going to build a standard British infantry battalion 'out of the box' using the guidelines provided in the Valiant set.

This requires the following:

1 x HQ (7 figures)
4 x Infantry Companies (32 figures)
1 x Support Company (9 figures)
1 x FO team (2 figures)

There are four carriers plus a six pounder and mortar to equip the battalion as well, but I've decided to leave the attached 8th Middlesex Vickers platoon out of the painting schedule for the moment.

Finally, for armour support I will add a squadron of the Sherwood Foresters or the 4/7th Dragoon Guards, both of which will be equipped with a Firefly and two Shermans. As an alternative, I may also paint up three Churchills of the 8th RTR.

It doesn't sound like a lot but I have a feeling it'll take more time than I have available?


  1. My father served in the DCLI in North Africa (2nd Battalion). He then fought at Anzio with the Shropshires along side the Sherwood Foresters - they were massacred.

    I am currently painting german-soviet rapid fire armies. Have just put a battle report up on my blog.

  2. How do the Valiant figures scale up against other miniatures?

  3. Cheers John...I'll definatley take a look at your blog as I have a large numbe rof 20mm Soviet kit waiting to be put together.


    The Valiants are on the large side but look fine with 1/72nd scale kits like the Armourfast tanks.

    ...and they're not too pricey either.

  4. and you can get away with even smaller stuff..
    a bit of my Valianat effort scroll down