Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Xmas Holiday Reading [2]

As usual, I've been raiding the Magasin de Press for military history and modelling magazines. The French have some absolutely superb magazine titles, both monthly and Hors Serie, which are special bumper issues that are published three or four times a year.

One of my favourites is Truck 'N Tanks which depsite it's rather clunky title is a first rate wargaming resource. As you might expect, it covers armour and softskins, mostly for WW2 but also for the modern era. The format includes fantastic colour profiles, scale plans and ToE diagrams, alongside a detailed text in French:

I've picked up the latest Hors Serie which covers US and Commonwealth armour and, as a result, I'll be ordering some more Armourfast M4A2's now that I realise that M4's are not the same as M4A4's. The Sherman thing is doing my head in but at least my 4/7th Royal Dragoon Guards will have the right kit in the shape of Sherman III's and Fireflys.

On a different note, I'm steaming through Assault on Germany, which is excellent. I'm currently reading the chapters on the US 48th Division attack on Prummern, which was supported by the 8th Armoured Brigade Sherwood Rangers and would make a cracking Rapid Fire! scenario or two. I may even make the next Rapid Fire! project a US Infantry Battalion, although I need to start the Tommies first!

Funnily enough, it turns out that my in-laws town is twinned with Geilenkirchen...how weird is that? 

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