Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Operation Bodenplatte [2]

I've added a few extras to the Luftwaffe fighters for this project, with four Bf109K's and four FW190A8's from Mark at Raiden Miniatures. This will complete the German contingent for the moment as it's more than enough to be going on with when added to the FW190D's and Bf109G's that I already have on the shelf.

The FW190's are hefty looking models with surprisingly deep panel scribing compared to other Raiden models. They should paint up well though, as will Bf109K's which are less obviously lined. A nice touch on the latter is that the ventral drop tank has a pre-drilled hole for it to be located into, with the hole for the stand positioned slightly further back then usual.

I also ordered a single Westland Whirlwind which appeared in the Raiden catalogue a while back. I had some quite nice Scotia ones already which put me off getting the Raiden version, a long with the rather odd looking cannon and machine gun barrels that that appeared to be far too long. However, I'm glad I did get one as the model is very nicely sculpted and the armament doesn't look wrong at all, even in such a small scale.

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