Thursday, 30 December 2010

Rapid Fire 5th Battalion DCLI [3]

I grabbed some time today to clean up, assemble and base the HQ and three companies of the 5th DCLI, although it took rather longer than I expected. This was mainly due to some extra conversion that I decided to do, particularly for the Bren and PIAT armed figures.

I didn't like the kneeling figure provided in the box set, as it seemed a little odd to have a convenient pile of rocks on which to balance his light machine gun. As a result, I had to cut and shut some standing figures to use instead. I also did a few headswaps and tilted some of the helmets to jaunty angles to add a bit of variety.

I'm going to tackle the support company next along with the scout platoon and FAO figures. After that, I'll do a few tanks and vehicles to add a bit of much needed mechanisation to the battalion. This should take most of the weekend but I'm hoping to start painting things by Sunday or Monday.


  1. They look nice figures, PROPER Tommies, tempting, tempting...