Monday, 11 July 2011

Activity Week Painting Plans

It's the first day of the school activity week but, unfortunately, I haven't had time to start painting the AK47 stuff as I've been working on lesson preparation. I also have a very long and boring meeting this evening to endure, so don't expect to get much done tonight until after 9pm at the earliest.

Nonetheless, I'm planning to start on the first unit of the AK47 Ltumtu Dictatorship army tomorrow, once I've cleared a little more school work out of the way. I think I'll start with the core unit of cap wearing regulars, minus their mortars, heavy machine gun and recoilless rifle teams. This will total about thirty bases worth of figures, give or take one of two.

This is quite a lot of bases to get through but, if I can blitz them using a simple paint scheme, I should get them almost done in a day. I've decided on a black undercoat, followed by the trusty Foundry Phlegm Green three stage approach for the uniforms and Foundry African Flesh for the skintones. The rest of the details will be made up as I go along.

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