Monday, 4 July 2011

AK47 Summer Offensive [15]

I was looking after the boys this weekend as the other half was away in France at a family wedding. As a result, I managed to get a fair bit done on the AK47 front, with virtually all of the units now cleaned up and based.

I started by adding four small arms bases of helmet wearing infantry to the existing unit to add a bit of extra manpower. I also added a couple of AAA missile equipped bases to the regulars with caps, again to provide some additional support to the rank and file. I have more bases than I need for the regulars but this provides some flexibility, especially when the political flowcharts are factored in.

As I've now relegated the helmet wearing unit to regular status, I needed to replace them with a professional unit in the form of a beret wearing unit of airborne assault troops. This consists of six bases of small arms, two bases of AAA missile launchers, two of RPG's, two mortars and a RCL. I'll also be putting together three or four transport helicopters for them over the next couple of days.

Finally, I decided to use up my last remaning GAZ jeeps to make a regular or professional recce unit armed with jeep mounted HMG's. These have worked well in my Colonial Settlers army so I thought it would be a good idea to reinforce my new set up with a similar unit. It features a Peter Pig GAZ staff car and two Skytrex GAZ jeeps, all with Peter Pig crew and gunners.

To round things off, I put together two additional militia technical trucks, both with heavy RCL's and Peter Pig militia crews. I have one more to build, equipped with an AA gun but that will have to wait until I've sorted the helicopters. I've also added bases to all of the vehicles that didn't have them, including the tanks, the APC's and the jeeps.

All in all, a very productive weekend.

Now all I need to do is paint them!

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