Friday, 15 July 2011

Warhammer Historical Gladiator [2]

I took the plunge and ordered a copy of Gladiator a couple of days ago and it arrived in the post this afternoon (what's going on with the post these days?). Anyway, it's a hefty hardback with loads of glossy pictures and very high production values, as you'd expect. It's pretty comprehensive and has a lot of background stuff to go with the core rules, which look very similar to the 'Legends' system although with some specific variations.

It looks like a good system with a lot of rules to cover pretty much anything that you might expect to crop up in a gladiatorial arena. The one area which looks a bit less than exciting is the scenario section, with a couple of nice ideas but mostly fairly predictable. This might be the weak point in the system, as there's not a lot of variation that you could build into the basic set up.

Anyway, I'll give it a read through and have a think about what I can do with it. It's good value for twenty quid so, if you've been umming and aahing, I'd go for it and order a copy. It's good to see that the whole Warhammer Historical operation hasn't collapsed, as suggested by the long trail of negative comments on TMP and the like. It looks like they're still alive and kicking, so good luck to them.

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