Monday, 18 July 2011

Warhammer Historical Gladiatiors [3]

The workbench is still submerged in clobber this evening as the carpenter decided to do the book shelving in the sitting room today instead of the garage shelving.

This is a good thing as it will allow me to shift most of my extensive collection of military history books out of the loft, to which they have been exiled by the Ministry of the Interior, so that they'll be available for me to browse through as and when the next big project gets me fired up to do some research. It is, however, also a bad thing as I can't get to the figures and paints that I need to crack on with the AK47 army.

On the other hand, this does give me more time to read through the Gladiator rules this evening and decide which figures I'll be picking out from the leadpile to form my initial painting mini-project. I have a small but perfectly formed heap of Foundry and Crusader figures to choose from but will only select half a dozen or so to start with.

I'll try to go for matched pairs and/or the most common types, so that should make it easier to prioritise the figures that I'm going to tackle first. I'm thinking of taking them to France in the holidays as an exercise in minmalist painting but I've yet to make up my mind. It would an easy option given the limited range of paints that I'd need to turn them out and the small numbe of figures involved.

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