Tuesday, 19 July 2011

AK47 Summer Offensive [27]

I was supposed to be going to the club this evening for a run through of the participation game that's been developed for Attack! at Devizes this weekend. However, the Ministry of the Interior had double booked, so has now left me to do the child minding while she goes off for and end of term departmental booze up.

Nonetheless, I haven't wasted the opportunity to add some extra bits to the AK47 orbat, with a couple of heavy rocket launchers that I found on ebay a few days ago. These are obviously Peter Pig nebelwerfers from the WW2 PBI range but they look a bit like the sort of thing you'd expect to see wheeled out by a Soviet backed African dictatorship.

I was going to use militia crew figures for these and have them towed around by rusty Toyota pick ups but I didn't have enough militia in the bits box. As a result, I've used the regular HM crew instead but with only two instead of the usual three figures to make things less crowded. They'll be towed around by the BTR152's that I've already undercoated.

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