Sunday, 17 July 2011

AK47 Summer Offensive [26]

I haven't done any painting today as my workbench is out of action. We're having some new shelving built along one wall of the garage tomorrow so I've spent the day shifting loads of crap from one side of the garage to the other. As a result, the workbench, paints and figures are now buried in a pile of assorted stuff.

I did, however, unearth a couple of diecast Italeri Mig 17 fighters that I'd put in a box and lost. The first one was a re-paint that I did a few years ago for my colonial settlers army but which I replaced with two turbo prop planes as they were more in keeping with the Nbuto FART. I didn't finish it as a result so I could add the camouflage and the extra bits so that it can be used for Ltumtu.

The second one was found in a bargain bin while on holiday in France. It was in it's packaging but didn't have any insignia so I guess must have been a reject from the factory. It's ideal for AK47, however, as all it needs are some decals and a bit of a drybrush or wash. This means I now have at least one airworthy ground attack fighter 'out of the box' so won't have to build a model from one of my many plastic kits if I don't want to.

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