Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Bloody White Baron

There's a book stall in a side street in my local town which is well worth a visit, assuming you can work out when it's there. I have stumbled across it a couple of times after work on Fridays, when I have the dubious pleasure of taking my kids to their judo lessons.

The chap who runs it has a great marketing scheme whereby you can choose four books for a tenner. They're all new, so I guess must come from bankrupt stock or the like. He has an eclectic but excellent range of military history titles so I've managed to part with at least ten quid on each visit.

The last time I found the stall, I bought a copy of The Bloody White Baron, amongst other titles that are now sitting on the 'books to reads over the holidays' shelf. I've started on this account of Ungern Sternberg's mis-adventures in  Mongolia and it's very interesting and well written. Good stuff!

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  1. A cracking read,glad you found a copy.