Monday, 10 October 2011

Back of Beyond Campaign Game Three

I'm at the club tomorrow night for the next installment of the Back of Beyond campaign. I'll be squaring up against Colin's French Trans-Asia Citroen Kegresse equipped expedition, which is similar to my Texan Oil Prospectors, being a variant of the dinosaur hunters list with added French bits. I devised the force for the last campaign and it's no push over, even if it's much smaller than the Red Horde of the last two games.

Colin's force is quite powerful and is well equipped for desert terrain, which is what we'll be fighting over as a change from the usual gobi. The set up calls for a ridge or two of dunes along the table centre line, so his half tracks will have a distinct advantage over my wheeled armoured cars. On the plus side, my Garford Putilov should outgun his armoured vehicles and my infantry will match up well against his too.

Here's my 800 point force, which I've tweaked from last time to add a few extra bits:

 One Garford Putilov armoured car, 1 x FG (T), 1 x MG (T), 2 x MG (SS) = 110 points

One improvised armoured car with MG @ 60 = 60 points

Two chocolate teapot un-armoured cars with MG @ 50 = 100 points

One unit of eight Wildcatters/Roustabouts (T5/M5), marksmen with bombs, including two Lewis gunners @ (14 x 6 = 84) + (2 x 22 = 44) = 128 points

One unit of fourteen White Russian mercenaries (T4/M4), with bombs @ 8 points = 112 points.

Two Maxim Machine Guns (T4/M5) @ 72 points = 144 points

One DH2 Aircraft = 150 points

Total = 804 points

It's not quite everything plus the kitchen sink but it's getting there. I have a unit of labourers to paint up, having added a few extra Foundry Chinese pirate figures to round them off to the maximum eighteen but, as they haven't been painted up yet, I'll have to rely on what I've already got.

It should be an interesting game whatever the outcome may be!

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