Sunday, 2 October 2011

Flatiron Gunboat Plans

I spotted the current issue of Marine Modelling International in WH Smiths today and noticed that it has a free 1/48th scale plan of HMS Crane, an Ant Class flatiron coastal defence gunboat c1872. The plans are on a double sided sheet and are ffor a full hull radio controlled model but, with a little imagination they could easily be converted into a waterline wargaming version.

Although the model scales out at around two foot in length, which would be far too big to actually move on the tabletop, it would make a very impressive off shore gunboat for a naval landing party In the Heart of Africa. It's not really a colonial warship but I'm not that picky if it looks the part. Anyway, it would make the job of scratchbuilding a gunboat model a lot easier.


  1. An excellent find. I certainly could've used some plans a few months ago before I began building my own Flatiron gunboat based upon HMVS Albert.

  2. It would also make a good Saurian Safari platform. Why not make it sale down 50% - a 1 foot long boat would be very useful on the table