Sunday, 9 October 2011

Darkest Africa Nkonde [2]

The Witchdoctor

The Nkonde

The Chief
The Scout

I achieved precisely zero today in wargaming terms due to the various obstacles placed in my way by the kids, wife and life in general. However, I did get a chance to read the relevant bits of Chris Peer's Central Africa, relating to Nyasaland, Mlozi's War and the Nkonde. It's very interesting and exciting stuff to say the least! Anyway, I also managed to scrape five minutes to dig out the Darkest Africa tribal figures and sort them out into units for the Nkonde force.

This consists of a chief (who will have some attendants), a witchdoctor, a scout, a unit of bodyguards in feathered head-dresses (there are only eight in the picture but there will be twenty four in total), one unit of sixteen archers, one unit of sixteen musketeers and three units of twenty four spearmen each. There will also be four bases of baggage, for which I have collected a range of livestock and villagers.

This looks and sounds like a lot but, as most of the figures are scantily clad or not clad at all, it shouldn't take long to paint them up. It works out at around six hundred points or so, not including stratagems like pitfalls which will add another hundred points or so. This should be plenty for decent game, although I'll also need some extra terrain.

I'm looking forward to starting this project but will definately have to finish the AK47 stuff first!

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