Thursday, 20 October 2011

Darkest Africa Nkonde [3]

I found a couple of packs of Darkest Africa Tribal Casualties on Ebay yesterday to add to the box of figures that I'll be taking down to Cornwall at the weekend. They're not strictly necessary for In the Heart of Africa but, for aesthetic purposes, will look a lot better as casualty markers than little dice, pebbles or other random detritus. I've also stocked up on Perry 40mm wire spears, so should have more than enough to kit out the four units of twenty four spear armed warriors.

The shields are a different matter and will require a bit of lateral thinking. The Nkonde used thin rectangular curved hide shields, which no one makes 'off the shelf' as far as I'm aware. I'll probably try 0.5mm sheet plastic card, heated in boiling water then bent around a former to create a curved profile. This can then be sliced up into 15mm x 10mm rectangles, or thereabouts allowing for the curvature of the surface. If that doesn't work, it's back to the drawing board and whatever else I can bash together.

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