Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Russian Civil War Skirmish

I had a go at using my Whites against my Bolsheviks the other day, now that I have two forces for the Back of Beyond to play around with. The Whites are the mercenary troops from my oil expedition and consist of a Garford Putilov armoured car, fourteen infantry and a machine gun, together with a couple of trucks. The Bolsheviks are a fraction of my much larger Red Workers Brigade for the Back of Beyond and, for this skirmish game, I picked a unit of eighteen infantry, an Austin armoured car, a machine gun and a Nieuport 16 aircraft.

As you can see, the Whites were entrenched and the Reds had the task of ejecting them from their fortifications. In the end, the Reds managed to advance to within rifle range of the defences having suppressed the heavy machine gun with the strafing attacks by the aircraft. The White armoured car then held them off, inflicting sufficient casualties to force a Bolshevik withdrawal. The Reds had their armoured car knocked out by the gun on the Garford Putilov, while the Red maxim was wiped out by it's opposite number, which left the Bolsheviks at a distinct disadvantage.

It was a quick and enjoyable solo game using the usual Contemptible Little Armies rules but it highlighted for me my chronic lack of decent terrain and scenery. I really need to go on a concerted drive to buy or make some decent terrain bits and bobs, especially now that I have a couple of armies to use for both the Back of Beyond and AK47. The latter is something that I really want to tackle as I enjoy scratchbuilding stuff and have virtually no 15mm terrain, buildings or scenery for AK47. I've just got to find the time!


  1. Hi! I'm recently rekindling my interest in CLA and the inter-war years, though I'm moving it a decade later and further east (Warlords & Japanese in Manchuria mostly). Your website is a real help and inspiration!

    Just for my own info, where did you get the trench pieces in these photos? Are they commercially available? Very nice...

    I shall keep an eye on your progress from across the pond.


    Doug Kendrick
    Valencia, California, USA

    And our local games club:

  2. Hi Doug,


    The resin trenches are by Snapdragon but are now no longer available, as far as I know.

    It's a shame, as they're very well designed and easy to use.

    Best wishes


  3. Time is made, not found...

    Looks like it was fun to play. Look forward to the scenic version.