Monday, 3 October 2011

Impetus Picts [5]

I finished re-basing the last of the units tonight so now have to texture the bases before I tackle the daunting task of painting them up. In the end, I cut back on the number of figures in the javelin skirmisher units and opted for 40mm x 20mm bases rather than 30mm deep ones.

This avoided duplicating figures and allowed me to use the four leftovers plus a single mounted figure as disorder and/or opportunity markers. I have one figure left over from the original army so will try to find a use for him if I can, as I'd like to re-cycle 100% of the figures if possible.

I'm at the club for a game tomorrow night so won't be able to get any more done until Wednesday evening. I'm hoping to finish the texturing then before going back to complete the AK47 militia techinicals and heavy weapons crews, which have been hanging around  in the interim waiting to be painted.

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