Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cornish Commanders

Over the last couple of days my attention has been wandering back to the 28mm English Civil War project that I started to stockpile stuff for last year. Ho hum.


This is an attempt to build a Royalist and a Parliamentarian army in 28mm for the early campaigns in Cornwall, including the battles of Launceston, Sourton Down, Braddock Down and Stratton, although it might also stretch to Lostwithiel in 1644. I have plenty of infantry, artillery and cavalry for this ambitious effort but, as yet, no command figures for the likes of Grenville, Slanning, Trevanion, Robartes, Ruthven and Hopton, to name a few of the key players.

However, I spotted a couple of the old Foundry ECW command packs on Dave Thomas's ebay shop today that would fit the bill very well. The first contains mounted figures for Hopton, Grenville and Waller, whilst the second is a generic command pack that could be used for some of the other key regimental commanders of the campaign. I'm hoping they'll fit alongside the Warlord figures that I already have.

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  1. They should fit in quite well, looking forward to seeing them painted!