Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Warhammer Historical Waterloo

I'd been thinking about getting another set of rules in the Warhammer Histoical sale, having already bought a copy of Kampfgruppe Normandy a couple of weeks ago. It's really hefty, by the way, and packed with loads of background information, sceanrios and other useful stuff, not just for the rules in the book. Well worth it for the reference material alone.

Anyway, I succumbed to temptation and have ordered Waterloo for half the normal price, just bringing it into the realms of affordability. I have a whole load of plastc Victrix and Perry early war French and British boxed sets that I was given for my birthday a couple of years ago. They've been sitting on the garage shelf for a rainy day, with the intention to use them for either Black Powder or Sharpe Practice.

Now, they may well get additional mileage with the Waterloo rules as the basing looks compatible with Black Powder and, quite possibly, with Sharpe Practice as well. It's a long way off but, at the very least, the Waterloo rulebook will give me some valuable guidance through the minefield of Napoleonic uniform colours, organisations and tactics.

I'll have to finish painting (and reinforcing!) the bookshelf though.


  1. I know I was somewhat critical of the coffee table wargames rules culture but it is a really beautiful tome isn't it? I also picked up Gladiator which is also superb and will be useful for Saul's Classics GCSE as one module is on Roman Civilian life including gladiators (well that's what SWMBO has been told!)

  2. It arrived in the post today and it's a stunner.

    I'm no fan of flashy overweight padding and style over substance but this is a very well presented set of rules.