Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A World Aflame

Just got an email from Amazon to confirm that my pre-ordered copy of A World Aflame is in the post and will be on the doorstep when I get back from France. I'll hang fire until I've had a good look at the rules but I think this might be a good set to use, both for my VBCW BUF v. Red Workers and as an alternative to Contemptible Little Armies for the Back of Beyond.

Who knows, it might even get the BoB thing back up and running at the club? Wishful thinking perhaps, but it's one of my favourite wargaming topics and one that I'd love to breath new live into, given half the chance. I have a Bolshevik and a Dinosaur Hunter army for the Back of Beyond and a third Japanese force that's virtually complete, once I cut a few corners using some Army Painter dip.

Loads of potential for some games, if these new rules cut the mustard that is?


  1. I've wondered about these rules. I'll let you have a look but if they're any good I'd be sorely tempted.

  2. It's a great little book, I posted some thoughts on it a couple of months back:

  3. Would be interested in your opinions at some stage! Osprey have also released a dark age rules - as if we need another!

  4. Thanks for the review..good stuff!

    As soon as I get howe, I'll give the book a once over and have a bit of a think about what I can do with them, then post a few thoughts.