Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Darkest Africa Nkonde [7]

Here's the archer unit for the Nkonde, consisting of sixteen assorted figures from the Foundry Darkest Africa range. I enjoyed basing these up but they did need quite a bit of sanding and filing to get rid of the casting lines, which were quite prominent on several of the figures. I can't remember off the top of my head how many points these represent but I doubt it's very much.

There's also a single witchdoctor figure which I'm allowed to have as a special character in the army lists for the native villagers. He's suitably imposing and will, hopefully, make an impact on the turn of events in the game, as a form of psyschological warfare. I've also got a scout figure to sort out this evening but the main effort will be to base up four baggage elements for the Nkonde to defend.


  1. They look like fun, particularly the witchdoctor; looking forward to seeing them painted up.

  2. 64 points (4 points per archer). :-)

  3. Cheers

    I thought they were a bit lightweight!