Wednesday, 1 August 2012

AK47 Summer Spearhead [3]

Here's the second unit for the Bagombo army, the professional SAS minus their transport helicopter and truck. I decided to prepare six bases rather than four and may add a couple more later on. The thinking behind this is that, when not flying in by chopper, the professionals unit could be expanded beyond the four stand limit giving them the benefit of a bit more firepower at mininal points cost.

I also have some Unimog trucks spare that would be ideal as transports for the SAS and could possibly be up-gunned with HMG's. The trucks could also be substituted by swamp boats, using the resin models from The Scene and some spare bareheaded figures as passengers. This would allow me to field the same unit in a variety of configurations for minimal effort and outlay.

I've also had a more detailed look at my box of figures and realised that I can only kit out five regular heavy weapons bases due to a limited supply of crew. This means that the regular all mortar unit will have to be dropped and the mortars assigned as support bases for the other S/A regular units. To make way for this, the four HMG bases will be cut back to two. On the plus side, this frees up the two trucks from the mortar unit to use with the professionals.

These changes have made me think about turning this army into a second Colonial Power / Settlers force. The bush hat figures are definately more in line with this than a Superpower Backed army but, as this would duplicate an army I've already got it seems a little daft to do it all again. I'll have to think up a rationale for the Bagombo army to explain why they look like Rhodesians or South Africans!


  1. Looking good!

    How 'easy' is it to paint the figures when they are mounted on bases?

  2. Not a problem really, if you keep it simple. I painted up my previous AK47 army this way and it seemed to work fine, as long as you base the figures in such a way that they're accessible.