Friday, 24 August 2012

Darkest Africa Nkonde [9]

I bashed the cows this morning in order to retro fit some spare heads to the bodies that I had in the spares box. They still need some greenstuff to blend in the joints but they've saved me at least a tenner, as I don't need to buy any more cattle for the Nkonde baggage. I also based up the Nkonde women with some of the ubiquitous goats to complete the fourth base for the baggage.

This afternoon, while it lashed down in a Force 9 stylee outside, I converted a Masai looking figure into a rather less impressive but more appropriate chief for the Nkonde. This involved a headswap with a rather elderly looking spearmen figure and the substitution of an oversized spear for a flint tool head, pinched from a 15mm Copplestone Pictish caveman. I've no idea if this is historically accurate or not, but it looks good to me.

To things wrap up, I sorted out the scout for the Nkonde using a Ruga Ruga type figure with added spear, then based up the first of three figures to accompany the tribal chief. These act as surrogate bullet magnets in the rules and so are pretty useful if you want your commander to stick around. This one is obviously modelled on my beloved spouse, although it's a mystery how Mr Copplestone was able to capture the likeness?

Sorry about the dodgy photos...too late to sort them out now!

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