Thursday, 16 August 2012

AK47 Summer Spearhead [9]

I finished off the heavy weapons bases for the Bagombo R.U.B.A.R.R.B. this afternoon, taking a few short cuts to spread my limited supply of crew figures as far as I could. The heavy weapons teams are supposed to have three crew per base, which always seems a little generous to me, so I had to stick to the rules in this respect for the sake of wargaming decency.

However, by substituting a cache of mortar bombs on each of the mortar bases for a figure, I managed to squeeze out four mortar bases, two HMG bases and one RCL base. This will mean that the mortars can form an independent four base unit if I want to concentrate their firepower, while the HMG's and RCL can be mixed in with the S/A units as additional fire support when sorting out the units on the pre-game phase.

I've also based up a rather sinister looking sniper team, using some of the Peter Pig Vietnam US special forces figures. I have the rules for snipers in the old AK47 supplement but will have to dig them out when I get home, as I'm not entirely sure how they fit in with the main rules and army lists. They,ll make an interesting addition to the Bagombo regulars and will look good once I paint them up and add some suitable cover.

I've decided to make this the last of the Babombo AK47 units that I'm going to base up now, leaving the Bulldog carriers for another (UN peacekeeping) army and another day. I'll replace the carriers with Saracen APC's from QRF, which look really cool and fit in better with the British theme of the R.U.B.A.R.R.B. This is a bit cheeky, as my occasional opponent Jon has equipped his army with the very same transport, but I'm sure he won't mind of if I follow suit.



  1. Looking forward to seeing some paint on these guys. The mortar bases look fine as is, no real need for three crew.

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